About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash (Lash) Extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

They are synthetic and natural fibers that are attached to your own lashes, one by one, by means of a medical-grade adhesive for the purpose of adding length, curl, and volume to your natural lashes.

They are soft, lightweight, flexible, and cannot be sensed. Best of all, no one will suspect that you are wearing them! To maintain the look, Re-Lashe appointments are necessary every three to four weeks to replace the lashes that have shed or outgrown naturally.

What Does The Application Process Involve?

Your session begins by having you recline on one of our special beds. The stylist is seated behind you and you are asked to close your eyes for the entire application process. You will not even feel your stylist working on you, and you may fall asleep as many clients do. You will open your eyes at the end of the session to a new you!

  • Transform yourself in 2 hours or less and have the lashes you always wanted.
  • Get ready in moments! Eliminate the need for mascara and go beyond the confines of your natural lashes.
  • A minimum of 100 extensions per eye are attached to your natural lashes one by one, with precision and artistry.
  • Your eyes too can look like the eyes of the models in the ads, who are often wearing extensions.
  • Release your inner diva and see how you can always look vibrant, young and sexy!