Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing FAQs

Hair Stroke Tattoo for Eyebrows FAQ Microblading

What is hair stroke method for tattooing eyebrows?
This tattoo technique is a new method to precisely tattoo fine hair strokes and crisp lines in the brow area to create the optical illusion of real brow hair.

It is not like a conventional tattoo that goes deep into the skin. A very fine blade is used to implant pigment in short hair strokes between the dermal and epidermal bands of the skin. The abrasion created by the hair stroke tattoo is finer than a paper cut.

How does this method differ from permanent cosmetic brow tattooing?

Permanent cosmetics tattooing often uses a machine and stenciled brows. Color is implanted throughout the brow area and is a solid band of color. With the hair stroke technique, pigment is manually implanted in fine, crisp strokes to create a realistic result that blends in with your natural brows.

Am I a Candidate?

A thorough medical evaluation will be given to you prior to your appointment at the initial consultation and reviewed by your artist. Once your medical history and skin has been analyzed, a determination will be made as to your candidacy.

I have little to no brow hair, am I a candidate and will the results be realistic?
Assuming that you have a special condition the short answer is likely, but the question is when? Depending on your skin, medications or if you have undergone chemotherapy, a thorough consultation will be done to assess if and when you are a candidate. In most cases the procedure can be done, but if certain medications are being taken or you are still undergoing chemotherapy, until such therapies are completed and a doctor’s clearance, you may have to wait.

How long do they last?

Pigment retention is based on many factors such as aftercare, sun exposure, skin treatments such as chemical peels, medications taken and your immune system. The treatment can last from 3 to 5 years depending on how you care for your brows.

Is it safe?

Yes. Once candidacy is determined, the procedure methods are strictly regulated by the Illinois Department of Health and OSHA which are strictly adhered to. All items used in the procedure are single-use and are packaged in sterile packaging. Once the items have been used they are disposed of according to medical waste regulated procedures. With each client and each visit, new materials are used. The pigments we use are highly regulated and produced in the United States. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have clear sterile packaging and dated for expiration.

Is this procedure regulated?


I use Accutane, am I a candidate?

No. Because this product thins the skin. You must be off Accutane for a minimum of one year prior to procedure.

I have a skin condition such as psoriasis, eczema, or vitiligo. Can I have this procedure?

In the case of certain skin conditions, we will do a scratch test behind your ear to determine candidacy. A scratch test involves us applying one hair stroke to a discrete zone of the body to determine if any issues arise. A doctor’s clearance may be required.

What other names is procedure this called?

Aliases of this technique are eyebrow embroidery, HD brows, 3D brows, microstroking and microblading.

Do men have this procedure done?

Yes. Because of the realistic appearance men desire a fuller, more masculine, brow.

Does it hurt?

Before the service begins we apply a topical numbing agent. Most clients report that the sensation feels like a scratching of the skin.

Will I bleed or scab?

Depending on your skin type and thickness some bleeding may occur. The bleeding that does is easily stopped by applying slight pressure to the area, much like a paper cut. Our goal is to prevent scabbing, as scabbing may lead to your skin ejecting the pigment. Some scabbing may occur, but it is not visible from 2 feet away.

Do you use a stencil?

No. Our artists are expertly trained in brow shaping from Brow Artists International. Your brows are precisely drawn on during your consultation with the use of precise measuring instruments to create the perfect brow shape that enhances your eyes and facial features.

Will both my eyebrows be the same size and shape?

No, because we are not bilaterally symmetrical in the face. Natural eyebrows are never the same.

Our goal is to precisely measure and map your facial features to enhance your eyes and face. With brows, the saying is “they are sisters, not twins.” The brows will be drawn on to create a natural and ideal brow for your features and desired look.

What is the downtime?

The best part of this procedure… is that there is NO DOWNTIME! At the end of the procedure the brows will appear darker for the first day until healing begins. There will be slight redness in the treatment area that typically fades within the hour.

How do I maintain the brows?

You will be given an aftercare regiment by your artist based on your skin type. The main aftercare instruction is to wear sunscreen on your brows, once the healing process is complete, and to avoid sun exposure to the treated area as sun exposure is the leading cause of fading.

Can I wear makeup or use brow/eye makeup?

For the first 10 days of the healing process, the treated area needs to be kept clean and free of makeup. You can apply makeup to the skin, but away from the treated area as to not cause an infection. Once the healing period is over you can resume your daily makeup routine.

Can I continue having facials or other skin treatments such as chemical peels or laser treatments?

Yes, but please note that if the chemicals or other skin treatments come in contact or in the proximity of your treated brow areas it will affect the longevity and cause premature fading and/or uneven fading.

Can I use my preferred facial cleansers, retin A, scrubs or mechanical facial scrubbing devices such as my clarisonic?

Yes, but be aware that If you use these products on or around the treated areas you will cause premature fading. These items are not to come in contact with the treated areas as they cause the skin to turnover or regenerate, thus causing the pigment to be expressed and leave the skin.

All exfoliation, Retin A or retinol creams or the like, scrubs or cleansers that regenerate skin will cause fading, and possible uneven fading, if used on treated areas. You must be off all Retin A’s and Retinols a minimum of 10 days prior to the procedure and may not use them again until healing has completed for at least 60 days.

What if I no longer want the tattoo brows?

There is a removal service which we do not offer, but we understand that it is easier than the regular tattoo removal and can often be accomplished in one treatment.

The reason for that is that the pigments used for the hair stroke tattooing of brows as well as the depth the pigment is implanted differ from a traditional body tattoo. The pigments are softer and not implanted as deep into the skin.