About The Salon Lashe

Attention to detail is what we are all about, and the view cannot be beat!

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Salon Lashe is flanked by many of our prestigious neighbors and great views of the fabulous corner of Oak and Rush. The Salon includes two spacious private rooms, an open lash area, and a makeup bar to pamper you.

The Process

Lay back, relax and get ready to be pampered. Don’t worry if you fall asleep as most of our clients do.

Your appointment begins with your arrival and consultation. Your natural lashes and goals are assessed. Post consultation, your stylist will lead you to our serene lash environment. We ask that you arrive with clean lashes without mascara. If you do arrive with mascara, cleansing will take away from your appointment time. If you arrive early, a cleanser can be provided to you.

You will lay down on our state-of-the-art Lydia Sarfati beds that are also covered in 4 and ½ inch memory foam. They are also heated and a plush throw will be given to you. It’s the closest thing to resting on a cloud as you can get!

Once you are relaxed and your lashes are cleaned, the appointment begins. Your highly trained and skilled stylist does all the work from here. Your natural lashes are individually separated one by one and a single extension is applied to your natural lashes. You will not feel a thing during the process. A full set appointment takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours and a full set of genuine mink lashes is approximately 3 hours in duration. The Salon is a quiet zone and due to the nature of your application, we ask that you do not carry on a conversation during your appointment as the stylist needs your eyes to be relaxed. Do speak up if you are uncomfortable in any way.

After your lashes are completed, you will emerge with a full set of wonderful lashes. To maintain the full appearance of your extensions, a 1-hour appointment is necessary about once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Enjoy your new lashes!